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3Q09 Sales Ranking of Branded NAND Flash Makers

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As most branded NAND Flash suppliers benefited from the 4Q hot-season restock orders for electronic system maker clients after mid-3Q09, NAND Flash ASP slightly rose about 4% QoQ in 3Q09. Total branded NAND Flash shipment increased about 17% QoQ and it resulted in the overall branded NAND Flash makers’ revenue improvement in 3Q09. 3Q09 branded NAND Flash makers’ total sales increased 21.6% QoQ to US$3.355bn from US$2.759bn in 2Q09.

3Q09 Sales Ranking of Branded NAND Flash makers    
  3Q09 3Q09 3Q09 2Q09 2Q09
Company Sales Market Sales QoQ Sales Market
  (US$M) Share (%) Growth (%) (US$M) Share (%)
Samsung $ 1.290,00 38,50% 24,40% $ 1.037,00 37,60%
Toshiba $ 1.164,00 34,70% 21,30% $ 960,00 34,80%
Micron $ 316,00 9,40% 33,90% $ 236,00 8,60%
Hynix $ 291,00 8,70% 11,70% $ 261,00 9,40%
Intel $ 219,00 6,50% 13,20% $ 193,00 7,00%
Numonyx $ 75,00 2,20% 4,20% $ 72,00 2,60%
Total $ 3.355,00 – – 21,60% $ 2.759,00 – –

According to the sales ranking, Samsung remains its leadership place with 38.5% market share and records US$1.29bn revenue, followed by Toshiba with 34.7% market share and US$1.164bn revenue. Micron ranks No.3 with 9.4% market share and US$316m revenue while Hynix takes the No.4 with US$291m revenue. Intel and Numonyx grab No.5 and No.6 with sales of US$219m and US$75m respectively.

Benefited from the 4Q hot-season replenishment demand from mobile & MP3 market, Samsung’s NAND Flash ASP slightly increased about 5% QoQ and shipment boosted about 15% QoQ in 3Q09. Samsung’s 3Q09 revenue was up 24.4% QoQ to US$1.29bn while 3Q09 market share is 38.5%.

Toshiba adjusted up the utilization to 100% in 3Q09, so quarterly sales increased 21.3% QoQ to US$1.164bn because of slight ASP increase. Toshiba’s 3Q09 market share maintains around 34.7%.

As Micron demonstrated the significantly shipment increase in 3Q09, sales rose 33.9% QoQ to US$316m with 9.4% market share in 3Q09. Benefited from mild ASP increase, Intel recorded US$219m revenue with 13.2% QoQ growth rate and 6.5% market share in 3Q09.

With slightly 4% QoQ ASP and 5% QoQ shipment increase, Hynix’s sales rose 11.7% QoQ to US$291m in 3Q09. Hynix’s 3Q09 market share is 8.7%. Numonyx recorded US$75m revenue with 4.2% QoQ given the stable shipment and ASP in 3Q09. Numonyx market share in 3Q09 is about 2.2%.

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