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ShuttleCraft SSDs con interface SAS

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Introducing SAS

Super Talent’s ShuttleCraft™ is an SSD designed for the Data Center and Server Market. The ShuttleCraft SSD supports the new SAS interface

which o_ers: higher signal integrity, more reliably and support for longer cable lengths. For data center, the SAS interface enables the data

center to increase the number of drives per server (node). This enables them to increase performance, reliability and capacity while

reducing the number of required servers, using less real-estate and reduce their carbon footprint.

SAS drives the Data Center

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a point-to-point serial protocol that replaces the SCSI technology in use since the mid 80s. SAS o_ers backward

– compatibility with SATA II drives and boasts the best performance for dollar ratio available today. SAS delivers the speed, reliability and

scalability demanded in today’s enterprise environments, while SATA drives are ideal for bulk storage applications.

The new ShuttleCraft™ Drive features Read speed of 280MB/s and Write speed of 250MB/s. We are providing four capacities in

ShuttleCraft™ family, from 60GB to 480GB in both MLC(up to 480GB) and SLC(up to 240GB).


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agosto 15, 2010 a 5:34 pm

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