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Argentinian Jokes (o una mirada externa a nuestro submundo)

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Argentinian Jokes
By Roberto Cabal

Please, let me say first and foremost that I enjoy thoroughly dealing with Argentinians and think that they are a wonderful group of individuals that care strongly about…about… well…Argentina…and…and…them…themselves…

I was making a sales call to a Cuban distributor in Miami a few years ago and the discussion turned to the high octane pride of Argentinians. He had visited Argentina numerous times and was well aware of the difficulties in dealing with them but he finished his views on them with the pleasantry:
“But have you ever been to Buenos Aires? Just look at that place. They do have bragging rights. And their food is spectacular. Its just like Havana before Castro.”

Now that I have stated something pleasant about Argentinians I feel better about the rest of my entry.

How many Argentinians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
The lightbulb never gets changed, they stay in the dark because of the lowly task of changing the bulb.

Ok…as a Cuban I always like to start my sales discourse with Argentinians with:

“Yo, como Cubano y con poco orgullo, le quiero dar las gracias a ustedes por habernos dado el Che. Pero solo tengo una pregunta: ¿porque carajo no se que quedo en Argentina? ¿Porque tuvo que irse a Cuba a convertir los isleños al Marxismo? Yo sinceramente creo que ustedes merecen revolución más que los Cubanos.”

This usually breaks the ice.

I was selling computer hardware recently over the phone and I completed a first deal with a customer in Argentina and feeling somewhat chummy I asked him if he was easily offended by the telling of jokes that poked fun of Argentinians and he responded that he would certainly not be offended. Here is the joke, in Spanish, with his response. Warning: this may be offensive to Blacks, Jews, people that limp, and Argentinians and political correctness is not evident.

Este es un tipo que esta caminado por la calle y ve un negro cojeando por la cera y tiene puesto un “Yarmulke”, ese gorrito que los judíos usan en la cabeza. El tipo lo para y le comenta:
“Oye, dejame decirte, usted debe tener una vida bien difícil. Encima de ser negro, también es judío y con todo el racismo y intolerancia en el mundo, las cosas deben de ser mucho mas difícil para usted y además parece que estas lisiado.

Y en un fuerte acento Argentino, el negro le responde:
“¡Che, no tienes idea!”

The Argentinian client after hearing it says with some feigned cluelessness:

“Pero en Argentina no hay negros.”


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